Windows 8 Product Key for Free {100% Working}

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Windows 8 product key is a superbly fantastic package offered by Microsoft after Windows 7. Some features have been launched with Windows 8 which makes it more reliable. Even after the successful release of Windows 10 and widely used Windows 7, Windows 8 has managed to make its mark in the market. Today we are here for those users who have installed non-activated Windows 8. And we will be sharing some Windows 8 activation key or Windows 8 key with all of you.

But before moving on further, let’s talk briefly about what made Windows 8 stand out uniquely as compared to other operating systems? It has elegant UI, new feature-rich environment, and advanced security features. Even we have some cellular companies which have launched their smartphones with preinstalled Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. And this mainly depicts the reliability and popularity of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Product Key for Activation 

Windows 8 Product Key  Serial key

If you want to avail full features of Windows 8, then you need to have Windows 8 serial key for activating the genuine Windows 8 on your system. With lots of efforts, we have managed to find valid Windows 8 key. And these Windows 8 activation key will help you in activating any version of Windows 8 or 8.1 including Windows 8 Ultimate, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Home Premium, and Windows 8 Home Basic.

How to Use Windows 8 Serial Key

After installing Windows 8 to your system, it is essential to know how to activate Windows. Windows 8 product key provides the users with the genuine Windows version by Microsoft. We have some pioneering features in Windows 8 which shined all through with the release of Windows 10.

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The launch of Windows 8 is considered to be one of the biggest gambles in the history of technology. And thus we have planned to share the latest working Windows 8 product key with all of our readers. Windows 8 key will not only help in activation of the genuine Windows 8, but it will even introduce you with significant improvements and changes which have been made in it.

Window 8 Product Keys Free Download
















Windows 8 Activation Key displays all the updated functions as well manages the optional imported data. It not only works for Windows 8 but even works for Windows 7 and 8.1 as well. Windows 8 serial key helps in activating the Windows OS for a lifetime. It is a free and reliable solution with has got a redesigned task manager. Also, it helps in unlocking the premium settings and activates the existing version of the Windows 8 OS.

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Windows 8.1 product key 100% Working [Serial Keys]

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Windows 8 is one of the most stunning operating systems, and Windows 8.1 Product Key is the much-demanded product. This operating system has the most amazing features and functions which other operating systems doesn’t have and even it is a better version provided by Microsoft which works efficiently. From the very beginning, Microsoft has given us the best and updated versions for Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, you can expect the best with Windows 8.1 as well. It is expected to have the enhanced features. It is an easy-to-use operating system which easily helps the parents to keep an eye on all the activities of their child. 

Free Windows 8.1 product key For You

Windows 8.1 product key

Windows 8.1 is a complete package of drivers, and it means that after installing this operating system on your PC or laptop, you needn’t have to install any drivers for sound or graphics or any other. We have the most attractive software available with us, and that is Windows 8.1 serial key. Yes, it is the best software program which is available as it helps in quickly activating the Windows 8 versions even without having any sound knowledge about the same. Even Windows 8.1 key software offer the users with security to the MS Windows which further helps in keeping it fully activated. So, here we have a solution for all of you. 

Free Windows 8.1 activation key

Windows 8.1 key is the latest update provided by Microsoft for the Windows 8 users, and this new update will give all the users more features in the operating system. This new update has added authentic and more attractive features. The users who have already activated Windows 8 can easily activate Windows 8.1 for free. And to activate for a lifetime, you need to have Windows 8.1 activation key. So, now you needn’t have to buy Windows 8.1 product key for lifetime activation as we will be providing you here. 

Windows 8.1 Serial Key Free Download

Windows 8.1 product key offer the users with the genuine Windows 8.1 operating system on their devices. Also, it offers the Ultra-HD graphics Windows. It automatically activates the original Windows version for a lifetime. Windows 8.1 activation key is one of the most stunning comprehensive packages for the Windows 8 users. Windows 8.1 is more reliable as well as efficient than Windows 8. Windows 8.1 serial key provide the users with the genuine version by Microsoft. So, if you are searching for a user-friendly and the best program to activate Windows 8 entirely, then just use the Windows 8.1 key for the same provided here. 

Microsoft office 2010 product Key For Free [Updated]

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Microsoft office 2010 product Key: If someone would ask us to recommend all-in-one software which can assist us to work in the office, then we would say Microsoft Office 2010. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most recommended and used software featuring stunning tools. It is undeniable that you would be searching for a Microsoft Office 2010 product key online to have activation for a lifetime. After activating it, the users will get to avail all the features of any 2010 applications within the suite. Although the release of Office 2013 and Office 2016, Office 2010 remains the most efficient as well as task oriented version among the series. Here You will get Microsoft office professional plus 2010 product key crack (Activation Key)

Microsoft office 2010 Product Key Free Download 

The Microsoft Office 2010 version has more technically advanced features including the enhanced graphical user interface which help the users in completing the daily tasks more productively and efficiently. If you are using the limited or trial version of Microsoft Office 2010, then for availing the premium features, it is important to have the product key for Microsoft Office 2010. Here we will be sharing the Microsoft Office 2010 serial key or codes with all of you.
product key for microsoft office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 product key has got a beautiful and attractive interface and comes with additional fonts with new updates. Microsoft Office 2010 is a comprehensive office tool which helps the users in working in all the professional communities efficiently. Also, it is entirely compatible with all the systems and works efficiently on all Windows desktop. The Microsoft Office 2010 serial key gives the users a full support and access to creating the business projects, briefings and much more efficiently. 
There are some options available in the Microsoft Office 2010 product key, and even there are tools which allow the users to generate the product keys exactly suited with the Windows PC. 

System Requirements for Product Key for Microsoft Office 2010 

  • 1GHz or higher processor 
  • 1024x768 resolution
  • 512MB minimum RAM 
  • Windows OS of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7 alike. 

Microsoft Office 2010 Serial key

Microsoft Office 2010 product key is a stunning and a fabulous office suite which provides the users with efficient tools. It is all-in-one software which helps the users to work in office smoothly. If you are searching for the product key for Microsoft Office 2010, then here we will be providing you all with the same. It is a genuine way for activating the MS Office suite for a lifetime.
The Microsoft Office 2010 key allows the users to carry the work smoothly and even provides them with some facilities including auto saving data. It doesn’t require high system requirements and comes with MS Publisher which helps in the production of professional publications. So, use the Microsoft Office 2010 key for activating the Office 2010 suite for a lifetime and enjoy the premium features.
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Microsoft office 2016 product key Free Download {Latest}

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The Microsoft Office 2016 product key is one of the latest upgrade provided by Microsoft, a world-renowned productivity suite. It is a new upgraded version of Microsoft Office 2016 which comes with a new level of efficiency and productivity. Microsoft has built this update by updating the interface of various other applications within the Office 2016 suite. The new interface has worked efficiently with the workflow of the users. And even the components run best within the Microsoft Office suite. 

Download Microsoft office 2016 product key

Product key for MS 2016 is one of the best options you can get because it helps in improving the collaboration while working with multiple people on same projects or files. The MS Office 2016 key is the most popular software released by Microsoft and if you want to upgrade to MS Office 2016, then here we have the serial keys for all of you. The Microsoft Office 2016 product key allows the users to use the Office 2016 professional plus. Microsoft Office is a productive suite for creating the office documents smoothly and efficiently. 

The product key for MS 2016 has stored in much more like the users have access to the monthly updates from Microsoft. Also, the new application has also enhanced the DLP (Data Loss Protection) within the office application. We have tried our best to search for the MS Office 2016 serial key and codes. The MS Office 2016 Key is the software which comes with the updated version of all the office applications including PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word and OneNote. It also comes with other added features along with the release and all the functions work smoothly and quickly. 

Key Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key 

  • Multiple numbers of themes
  • Enhanced new icons
  • No issues while processing
  • Activates all programs including PowerPoint, Office, and Excel

Here we will be providing you all with the product key for MS 2016. With the new updated version, the users can enjoy both professional and business versions. It means that MS Office 2016 is the latest and advanced version provided by Microsoft. In brief, we will talk about how to activate the Microsoft Office 2016 product key

Product Key For MS 2016 (Serial Key)

The process is simple and straightforward. The users just need to download the MS Office 2016 serial key which gives more reliable and consistent features. The activation keys will be used after patching the files and running the programs. Using the serial or activation keys, you will be licensed to use the premium version of Microsoft Office 2016 for a lifetime. 
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Windows 7 Product Key 2017 {100% Working}

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Windows 7 product key! Despite the release of Windows other versions, Windows 7 is still considered to be one of the most productive and popular operating systems by Microsoft. It is regarded as one of the best professional operating systems available in the market. This operating system is mostly used by the firms, universities, organizations, and offices.

For the office users and organizations, it is recommended to use the genuine versions of the Windows 7 and to activate the copy; you need to have the original Windows 7 product key. This post is actually for those users who require Windows 7 activation key for activating the premium version of Windows 7.

windows 7 product key

If you are one of those Windows 7 users who are looking for Windows 7 activation key, then you can try any of the product keys given in this post for activating any version of Windows 7. There are some features which make Windows 7 stand out from other OS available in the market. And one of the best things is its start menu and a creative interface which is highly elegant and user-friendly.

Windows 7 Product Key Features 

  • Easy and useful OS 
  • Doesn’t require high system requirements 
  • Allow using Windows 7 lifetime 
  • New applications added 
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems alike 
  • Get Windows 7 32 bit product key & Windows 7 64 bit product key
  • Helps in efficiently managing the real time issues 
  • Debugged version 
  • No error while installation process
System Requirements 
  • CPU- Minimum 1GHz of processor 
  • RAM- Minimum 512 MB 
  • HDD Space- Minimum 16 GB hard disk space

Windows 7 Serial Key Free Download

Windows 7 product key basically will help in activating the Windows 7 OS for a lifetime. With Windows 7 key, the users will get to see the actual new look of the Windows as compared to Windows 98 or Windows XP, etc. The Windows 7 serial key will help you in praising the critics which further makes this OS stand out well as compared to the other operating systems available. The best thing about Windows 7 is its UI which is simple and easy to use. Along with the UI comes a new concept of themes with new applications which helps in managing the work efficiently.

Windows 7 64 bit Product Key:


Windows 7 32 bit Product Key:


Since the release of Windows 7 by Microsoft in the year 2009, it has been one of the most used operating systems. But some of the users have faced problems with the current version of Windows 7 and thus the only way to repair or re-install it; they need to have the Windows 7 serial key. So, here we have listed the Windows 7 key which you can use for activating the genuine Windows 7 OS for your system.

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key [100% Working]

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For every computer, Microsoft Office 2013 product key is a must have utility software. And the reason is that this software serves the user for multiple purposes including the document processing. It helps in making all the tedious and cumbersome things simpler by using a computer or a laptop. The user doesn’t need sheets of paper for delivering a presentation. Even the tedious task of maintaining the log books, records or ledgers have been made simpler using the Microsoft Excel, which is an application, comes with the Microsoft Office pack. All the tasks can be performed smoothly and efficiently. However, if a user needs to avail all the advanced features, then it has a subscription charge for all the utility software available under this pack. The subscription fee is usually for a year where you get all the services for free.

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free

For every authentic product, the activation requires a unique key. And there are multiple software applications including Universal Keygen Generator which helps in generating the activation keys which match perfectly with the previous authentic Office Keys. The MS Office 2013 key helps in activating all the Microsoft office applications including Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, etc. The most frequent users of the Microsoft Office suite includes the small organizations, students and other personnel and thus a free activation to the product can help them in saving a lot of money.

Product key for Microsoft office 2013

Microsoft Office is one of the most successful products of Microsoft after Windows OS. It is office suite software which helps the user in document processing which includes proofreading, creating and editing all the types of documents including the presentations, data entry tables and much more. It was released in 1988 by Microsoft. Initially, it came up with the Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel but over the years, it came up with some applications.

Programs supported by Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer
  • KMS All Activator
  • KMSPico
  • Microsoft Toolkit
What’s New in Microsoft Office 2013 Pack
  • The updated sets of the Product key for Microsoft Office 2013 have got all the serial keys which support the newer Office suite programs.

  • Pre-existing versions are also supported with their newer versions.
  • All bugs fixed.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365
  • No threat by any antivirus program because of the change in API of the application.
To get the MS Office 2013 serial number, you need to generate a unique key for its activation. But do you know how to use the Microsoft Office 2013 product key generator?

MS Office 2013 Keys for Free








Follow the steps:
  • Once you have downloaded the application, you need to launch the setup
  • The installation file will be installed, and then you need to select the preferences
  • The installation process would take less than a minute
  • After the completion of the installation process, you need to select the programs which you want to activate
  • Click on the option ‘Generate Key,’ and the product keys will be generated
  • Copy the product key for Microsoft Office 2013 and paste in the activation window
  • The program will get activated within few minutes
While creating the MS Office 2013 key, you will get the MS Office 2013 serial number along with the full version download.

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